Virtual Fitting Room

Your new look in real time

How does Virtual Fitting Room work?

The user stands in front of the screen which displays his mirror image. He matches the position of his face with the outline on the screen, the camera takes his photograph and… voila! Now the user is in control: he can change clothes which appear on his body on the screen and create outfits for himself. He can check which colors look best on him and see whether the selected clothes go well together. It is a great sales support device for clothing stores.

Ever wondered what you would look like as a princess, a pirate or a ninja? Virtual Fitting Room will answer your question!


  • Fully adjustable to client’s specific needs
  • Option to change the displayed background
  • Implementation of any number of items of clothing
  • Sending photographs to an e-mail address
  • Option of sharing the photographs in social media (e.g. on user’s Facebook profile)
  • Photographs are automatically saved in an album on the brand’s Facebook page
  • The application is also available on mobile devices


Who can benefit from Virtual Fitting Room?

Virtual Fitting Room is a perfect solution for stores, boutiques, shopping malls, as well as online stores – thanks to the mobile application. Attract the attention of passers-by and install the Virtual Fitting Room in your storefront so they can try on your collection even when you are closed. Inspire and stand out! Virtual Fitting Room provides also great entertainment during events, allowing your guests to become whoever they wish to be.



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