AR Bubbles

Boost traffic and revenue

Transform the way you engage with your audience and boost your business with our revolutionary AR Bubble System.

This cutting-edge app leverages Augmented Reality technology to create immersive and interactive experiences for passers-by, ensuring your advertising captures their attention and leaves a lasting impression.

Immersive experience

Harness the power of AR

Say goodbye to awkward introductions; the AR Bubble System ensures you always make a lasting impression. Ideal for conferences, networking events, or social gatherings, our dynamic solution fosters effortless conversations and enriches personal interactions.

Unlock the full potential of Augmented Reality and elevate your communication experience with the AR Bubble System. Don’t just join the conversation – lead it with the power of AR!

How it works

The AR Bubble System is an interactive app that uses a USB camera to detect people passing by and displays thought „bubbles” with predefined content (text or image) above their heads.

The bubbles follow the person, adjusting to their movements within the device’s range, allowing multiple people to have their own „bubble” simultaneously.

These bubbles can be used to encourage customers to explore new products, engage with ideas, or seek assistance from a store employee.

Key Features and Benefits:

Automatic and Engaging: No need for voluntary actions from passers-by; the system automatically detects people and assigns them a thought bubble, creating a truly interactive ad environment.

Mirror Effect: Harness the power of the strong human desire to verify one’s own image and attract at least twice as many glances at the screen compared to regular ads.

Plug & Play Solution: Easy to set up and use, our flexible, intuitive, and self-explanatory system is perfect for business users, requiring minimal monitoring and configuration.

Boost Traffic and Revenue: Drive increased foot traffic to your location and see a rise in revenue for advertised products.

Capture Authentic Reactions: Delight your audience and collect genuine smiles, creating a positive association with your brand.

Expand Your Reach: Seamlessly integrate your offline campaign with social media, extending your advertising efforts and maximizing exposure.



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