AR Zoo

Cutting-edge technology

„Traditional ZOO is great, but have you ever had the opportunity to touch a giraffe? AR Zoo gives you a chance to do that!

Using cutting-edge augmented reality technology, we’ll bring a variety of virtual animals to life right in front of your eyes.  Our team of expert technicians and animal behaviorists has worked hard to create a fully immersive experience that transports you to a world beyond your wildest dreams. 

„AR Zoo has become the most viewed AR Experience in the world, with over 27 million YouTube viewers!” Don’t miss your chance to bring this unique and engaging experience to your events.



Like in a real ZOO, users can hear the sounds made by the animals and watch how they behave.

AR Zoo includes more than 3 minutes of animated animals in Augmented Reality: Giraffe, Penguins, Monkeys, Elephant, Sharks, Pandas.

AR Zoo:

Number of animations: 6
Total playing time: 3:42 sec

List of animations:

• Elephant 1 – 50 sec
• Elephant 2 – 30 sec
• Penguins – 52 sec
• Giraffe – 40 sec
• Monkeys – 15 sec
• Panda – 35 sec


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