Christmas Magic 

New Dimension of Fun

Step up your holiday events with our riveting interactive products tailored to enthrall and engage!

From the thrill of Snow Throw to the whimsical journey of the VR Santa Ride, our offerings promise not only entertainment but memorable brand interactions.

The Experience

Snowball Throw: Dive into the heart of winter with Perfect Aim, where guests can virtually hurl snowballs using intuitive gestures. Transform your venue into a lively arena of excitement!

AR Santa Photobooth: The AR Photobooth is a portal to festive fun, offering guests the chance to snap a picture with a digital Santa Claus. Cherish the joy of the season with every photo.

VR Santa Ride: Step into a charming winter narrative with the VR Santa Ride. Guiding Santa’s sleigh through a captivating wonderland, guests embark on a heartwarming adventure that embodies the spirit of Christmas!

VR Bobsleigh Ride: Bring the thrill of a frosty bobsleigh ride to your event. Guests will be swept into a virtual reality adventure through snowy landscapes, delivering an exhilarating and unforgettable experience.


Ignite festive joy at your events with our engaging products. Each experience is crafted to captivate guests, leaving a memorable imprint of your celebration. Transform your venue into a haven of interactive fun and holiday cheer today!

Turn-key solution

Captivate your audience

Seize the opportunity to imprint your brand in the joyful memories of your audience. With seamless integration and customizable branding options, creating a festive spectacle has never been easier.

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So why wait? Let us help you create a truly unforgettable Mixed Reality Christmas experience with our off-the-shelf content that’s ready to go!  Choose from 4 themes:

Snow Throw / AR Photobooth / VR Santa Ride /  Bobsleigh Ride / 

With stunning graphics and interactive features, our magic will bring your Christmas event to life like never before.

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