AR Bubbles

A thought detector? AR Bubbles allows you to disclose the thoughts of people passing by your storefront or your fair booth!

AR Zoo

Traditional Zoos are great, but have you ever had a chance to touch a giraffe? Interactive AR Zoo gives you that opportunity!

AR Hollywood

Step into the world of famous movies in augmented reality – have fun and experience cutting-edge technology

Kinetic wall

Draw everyone’s attention to your product. Use kinetic technology to make your ad interactive and get more footfall

Fruitology Game

Become a ninja warrior in this motion controlled game.

Virtual Reality 7D

Enrich your experience of VR with additional sensory input. Our Virtual Reality hydraulic system will provide you with thrilling experience.


The solution for those who are not satisfied with just a plain photo.

Football Game

A gesture controlled game in which the user can feel like a member of a football team.

AR Fitting Room

Ever tried to fit your clothes in Augmented Reality? Try our version of brand new fitting room for stores.

AR Photo Booth

A photo with UFO or dinosaur? Extraordinary photo booth uses virtual animations and objects to create surprising photos.

AR Platform

A miniature Eiffel Tower on your table or a dinosaur walking through your warehouse? With AR it’s possible.