AR Bubbles

For Covid19 communication!

How does Augmented Reality Bubbles work?

AR Bubbles are interactive comic bubbles which appear on the screen above the heads of people who pass it by. This is possible thanks to an application using a motion sensor and a camera. The motion sensor detects movement of a person in the vicinity of the device and assigns her a thought bubble with predefined content.

The bubble follows the passer-by and adjusts to his movements as long as he is within the range of the device. As a result, several people can have a dialogue and feel like they are a part of the comic book world!

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  • Implementation of elements provided by the client
  • Full branding
  • Option to select the shape, color and size of the bubbles
  • The bubbles can feature any desired content (texts, dialogues, logos, graphics)

Who can benefit from Augmented Reality Bubbles?

AR Bubbles is designed for events, exhibitions, fairs, company  events, conferences and promotional campaigns. They will also be an interesting feature of entertainment centers, shopping malls and storefronts, where they can attract the attention of passers-by. If you want to make your clients laugh, puzzle them and communicate your message in a unique way, use AR Bubbles.