Augmented Reality Platform

Augment your reality!

How does the AR Platform work?

The algorithm analyses the image from the phone’s camera, searching for a predetermined graphic image. This is a so-called marker or target, which can be any graphic element, e.g. a photo. Once the element is detected, the algorithm determines its correct coordinates and starts mapping the image. This allows for displaying previously prepared 3D or 2D objects in a realistic manner – this way, our dinosaur can walk steadily on the floor and the miniature Eiffel Tower appears directly on the table, exactly where we want it.


  • Adjusting to client’s needs
  • Adding animated 3D scenes, video, photos, audio
  • Possibility to be used as an interactive game which will be triggered by a marker
  • Adding interactive presentations using video and 3D objects

Who can benefit from Augmented Reality Platform?
Augmented Reality is great for innovative ways of presenting products and services. AR works really well for promotional and marketing communication – the striking visual effect can rarely be forgotten and in effect it pierces through the advertising clutter. It also allows using the product as a advertisement or informational medium. A marker element here is the ad itself, meaning that the form of communication remains perfectly comprehensible for the consumer, even without the enhancement of AR. With the use of OOH advertising the platform the user gets spectacular effects. Another example of platform usage is the form of interactive game which adds entertainment or educational value to the project.




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