Fruitology game

Motion control for warriors

How does Fruitology game work?

Fruitology is an interactive game where players become ninja warriors whose task is to cut through the fruit appearing on the screen in front of them. The whole process is controlled using hand and arm movements. By moving in front of the screen, the player controls a shadow of a ninja warrior on the screen and cuts through virtual fruit by gesturing with his hand.

The game features a Touch-e Tracking module allowing to detect passers-by. When a potential player appears within the scope of a motion sensor, the screen displays huge eyes of a warrior which follow him in real time. At the same time the passer-by can hear the warrior through the speakers, encouraging him to start the game.


  • Implementation of elements provided by the client
  • Potential marketing tool in a promotional campaign
  • Full branding of the game (graphics’ adjustments in accordance with the visual identification of the brand, specific products or a whole campaign)
  • Exchangeable graphic elements
  • Exchangeable voice-over commentary as required


Who can benefit from Fruitology Game?

Fruitology is a great game for entertainment centers, bowling centers, shopping malls,  amusement arcades and kids places. It will be a perfect interactive addition to these venues, engaging users to get actively involved. Dedicated branding can make it an element of a promotional campaign building users’ awareness of both the brand and the product. We can adjust the game visually to your needs – using brand-related graphics or product visualizations as elements of the game. Contact us directly to discuss the branding options in detail.




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Set includes: Kinect One, Minicomputer (i5, 4GB Ram, 128 SSD), cables, Windows 10

1520 EUR + shipping

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