Catch all the precious moments

How does it work?

It makes photos in a short interval of time and then puts them together in one GIF, meaning a short looped video consisting of just made photos. The ready GIF appears in a form of QR code allowing to download GIF to the device. It can also be sent via SMS or shared on Facebook. Users can control the final look of the GIF by choosing graphics, effects or texts to appear.


  • Photographs printed by the device
  • Preview of the photograph before print-out
  • Option to send the photograph to a chosen e-mail address
  • Option to publish the photograph on user’s Facebook account
  • Implementation of elements provided by the client
Who can benefit from GIFbooth?

GIFbooth will be perfect for promotional and corporation events. It will also be a great addition to private parties, birthdays or weddings as it provides a lot of fun and a creative souvenir.




2 days (48 hours) – 450 EUR

7 days (168 hours) – 1200 EUR

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Set inludes: Kinect One, Minicomputer (i5, 4GB Ram, 128 SSD), cables, Windows 10

1520 EUR + shipping

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