Virtual Hollywood

Your new reality

How does Augmented Reality Hollywood work?

The participants stand in a predefined distance from a screen which displays the image from the camera above, i.e. their full bodies. Thanks to Augmented Reality Movie application, this image is modified according to various animated scenarios – for instance, the participants can find themselves on the moon or on the red carpet.

One click is enough to take a photo, add a caption using a mobile application, send it to your e-mail account or to your friends and share it in social media.


  • A selection of animated scenarios: life as an astronaut, the Oscars, UFO abduction
  • Option to save images in the form of photographs
  • Adding captions to photographs
  • Option to send the photograph to user’s e-mail account and to his friends
  • Publishing the photographs in social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+


Who can benefit from Virtual Hollywood?

Virtual Hollywood will enrich every event, promotional campaign and company party. It will draw in and engage participants of conferences and fairs. It is a great addition to entertainment centers, shopping malls, kids places and large entertainment venues.


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All versions inlude more than 90 seconds of 3d animated characters.


Set inludes: GoPro Hero4, PC  (i7, 8GB Ram, 128 SSD, HD Grabber card, GTX970), cables, Windows 10

2990 EUR + shipping

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