VR Experience 4D

Extend your reality

How does it work?

Immerse yourself into amazing world of Virtual Reality. Ride a rollercoaster, jump straight into the dinosaur’s nest, dive into deep blue in a submarine. Bring the amazing experience to your clients! Thanks to Virtual Reality and our original hardware you’ll be able to make your event unforgettable and latest technology will be the leitmotiv of your event. We will give you all necessary tools you need to create successful VR campaign and to offer unique experience while presenting virtual world to your clients.


  • Adjusting to client’s needs
  • Full branding
Who can benefit from VR Experience 4D?

VR Experience 4D was designed for events, exhibitions, fairs, company events, conferences and promotional campaigns. It will also be an interesting feature of entertainment centers, shopping malls, where it can attract the attention of passers-by. If you want to put branding elements in interactive places and present yourself to the customers that way – this solution is for you.

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