VR Experience 4D

Extend your reality!

How does the VR Experience work?

Immerse yourself into amazing world of Virtual Reality. Feel the future tech on your event. Ride on a rollercoaster, jump straight into the dinosaurs nest, dive into deep blue in a submarine. Bring the amazing experience to your clients!

Thanks to Virtual Reality and our original hardware you’ll be able to make your event unforgettable!

Who can benefit from VR Exeperience?

Our 4D platform combines the visual experience of VR with additional sensory input, providing unforgettable immersive adventures. It’s a solution for everyone interested in enriching their or their clients’ experience, from brand representatives to content providers and event agencies.

Apart from custom-made solutions using our VR platform, we also offer an originally developed VR roller-coaster ride. Not only is this an amazing adventure for a user, but it also can serve as an innovative advertising platform – we provide brand customization of visual elements within the animation.

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