Magical technology for your event!

Selfie with a dinosaur? Visit to the Moon? This and more to entertain your audience! Read more and check our products!

Make your event magical

State-of-the-art new technology will enchant guests on any event. Get their attention and be memorable!



Drive more traffic to your store!

We offer only field-tested solutions which pull the viewers in and boost your revenue like anything before

Only best solutions

They proved their worth on countless events and trade fairs. They reflect our years of experience of working with clients from various lines of business. They entertain, catch the viewer’s eye and are memorable. Make your event more interesting with Augmented Reality!

Adjustable pricing - buy or rent

One time or life time? Our prices depend on the licence period, which can be as short as a couple days. Whether you need a highlight for a single event or an ace to keep constantly up your sleeve, our pricing is well suited to your needs.

Both software and hardware

We offer turnkey solutions – our applications are paired with necessary hardware and complete manuals, ensuring trouble-free operation. However, if you are an event pro and you have your own state-of-art equipment, you can choose to purchase only our software.

Augmented Reality within your reach!

Here are our most popular products – see for yourself:

AR Photo Booth

Selfies with dinosaurs and more!

AR Bubles

Fun thought detector!

Virtual ZOO

The best ZOO you’ve ever been!

It works flawlessly

We know that our apps captivate people at every business environment – try it yourself!

State-of-art hardware provided

The newest technology apps are needy and tend to work best with particular setup. With our products You don’t have to think about it – it’s already taken care of!


Add your brand's elements

Want to have your logo or additional models in app? Not a problem, just contact us!


We are here to help

We know that new technologies generate a lot of questions. If there’s anything more You want to know – please contact us!

Got some questions? We've got answers!

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