Football game

Become a football champion

What makes Football Game stand out from other games?

In Football Game, we use our movements to control the character displayed on the screen. The player can act as a goalkeeper or a striker. Depending on the selected option, the player tries to save a goal with his own hands or tries to score a goal by moving his leg as if he was kicking the ball.

A special sensor is responsible for precise identification of the player’s movements, which guarantees a lot of fun. The game features an intuitive, user-friendly interface making it easy to play.

Additional features:

  • Available scenarios for continuing the game on mobile devices (via QR code) or on websites (e.g. on Facebook)
  • Option to gather data on the efficiency of the campaign (via an integrated touchscreen allowing the players to enter their e-mail address)


Who can benefit from Football game?

Football Game is a perfect entertainment for football fans in fan zones and  shopping malls, as well as inside or outside sports shops. Installed in a storefront or on mobile screens, it will attract the attention of every passer-by. Implementation of a specially designed module allows to gather data on the efficiency of the campaign.



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Set includes: Kinect One, Minicomputer (i5, 4GB Ram, 128 SSD), cables, Windows 10

1520 EUR + shipping

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