VR Experience 7D

Attract attention with latest technology

How does it work? VR platform is our project which will make your VR experience even more intense! Our platform combines the visual experience of VR with additional sensory input thanks to equipping it with hydraulic cylinders and high quality technology. Our apps were especially made to cooperate with the platform.

The content we develop to be completely compatible with the VR platform is always brandable! It poses an extremely innovatory chance for the advertisers to promote the brand within an immersive virtual world! After branding the content with logotypes in various places along the ride, the user will see the brand as seamlessly embedded in the
experience, leaving a long-lasting impression on the potential clients.

Virtual Reality Santa Ride

Virtual Reality Rollercoaster Ride

Virtual Reality Bobsleigh Ride



  • Adjusting to client’s needs
  • Full branding

Who can benefit from VR Experience 7D?


VR Experience 7D was designed for events, exhibitions, fairs, company events, conferences and promotional campaigns. It’s the solution for those who care about surprising customers and enriching their experience, for example brand representatives, content providers or event agencies. Thanks to VR Experience 7D you will intrigue your clients and draw attention to your company. If you want to attract attention using latest technology, this is the solution for you.

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